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Eventide SplitEQ Plugin Any Good? Ultimate Review

Eventide SplitEQ Plugin Any Good? Ultimate Review

Eventide released an innovative EQ plugin that separates tone from transient!

It’s not just your typical EQ or some fancy modeling of an old analog EQ. This is a fundamentally new approach to EQ that unlocks completely new possibilities.

This review dives deep into Eventide’s patent information to show you:
✅ What makes SplitEQ unique
✅ What their tonal vs. transient separation technology means for you and your music
✅ How to dial in to minimize artifacts when using this plugin

Eventide Split EQ User Interface

You will also learn how to best use on guitars, bass, vocals, drums, and my favorite – on the master bus!

What makes Eventide SplitEQ so powerful?

We can now target specific problem areas in our mixes that no other traditional EQ can (including dynamic EQs) by separating the audio into two different components: “tonal” or “transient” audio.

You can think of the tonal audio as the average sound overall – it’s the audio that carries the melody and musicality of the song.

The transient information controls the punch and movement of the song. For me being a rock and metal guy, that is essentially the kick and snare drum.

What can you do with Eventide SplitEQ?

How I use when mixing songs:

✅ Remove the ring from a snare drum without taking away the body or punch
✅ Selectively increase the pick attack on guitars and bass without changing the tone of the guitars or adding any harshness
✅ Add snap and attack to a snare drum or toms without bring up room ambience
✅ Bring out the air in the vocal without ANY sibilance
✅ Destroy sibilance without affecting the presence or intelligibility of the vocal

How I use when mastering:

✅ Increase the attack of the kick drum and snare  around 4-6 KHz, without making distorted guitars harsh sounding
✅ Selectively remove the mud and rumble from bass and guitars around 160-250 Hz without losing the punch from the snare and kick drum
✅ Transparently increase the top end of a mix, without making transients poke out
✅ Remove harshness from vocals and distorted guitars without affecting the drum transients

And this is just a short list of what is possible with .

Video Review & Demonstration of Eventide SplitEQ

To see exactly how to use SplitEQ on singing vocals, guitars, bass, drums and even the master bus, watch the video below. I also show you all the hidden features of the plugin. Feel free to jump around to the parts that you are most interested in using the timestamps below!

0:00 What is
1:37 Other Possible Tonal/Transient Separation Technology Products
2:56 🎁
3:45 Session today is by the band Dear Spring
4:06 Eventide SplitEQ Interface and Features
6:26 How to Use EQ Section of Eventide SplitEQ
8:20 Separating the Audio Into Transient and Tonal Audio of a Drum Bus
10:23 How to Selectively Remove Snare Ring While Keep the Punch
11:58 How to Boost Snare Drum Punch without Adding Mud
13:19 How Eventide Is Different than Dynamic EQ Like FabFilter Pro Q3
14:34 Panning in SplitEQ – Both L/R and Mid/Side
16:13 Setting up Tonal and Transient Split Settings **SUPER IMPORTANT**
20:48 How to Use Eventide SplitEQ on Bass Guitar?
21:40 PreEQ a Guitar DI with SplitEQ Before Using Amp Sims
24:06 How to Cut Harshness from Bass Guitar Without Affecting Pick Attack
25:24 How to Use SplitEQ on Distorted Guitars
27:20 How to Use SplitEQ on Vocals
28:18 Adding Air to Vocals Without Harshness
30:32 Using Eventide SplitEQ on a Master Bus To Increase Punch and Reduce Harshness

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