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I want you to reach your goals, whatever they are.

Whether it’s to get signed to a label, get a million streams on Spotify, or to make music that is part of your legacy, I’m here to support you every step of the way. I’ve helped others achieve all these things and I want to help you too!

As an artist, it’s easy to ONLY focus on making a great sounding song. We can get caught up in the technical aspects of the creation process and it drains us of creativity – which is reflected in our songs. It doesn’t take long before one loses sight of the big picture and forgets why they wrote the song in the first place!

I’m here to help you stay effortlessly creative by taking care of all the technical aspects of the music making process so you can simply create great sounding art.

By making sure every detail of your song sounds the best it can possibly be, we setup a great foundation to help you build momentum and achieve your goals.

Bobby Balow
Mixing/Mastering Engineer, Producer

About The Studio

Bobby produced every aspect of our last album: engineering, mixing, and mastering. We had a very strong vision of the album, and the fact that Bobby is also an incredibly talented musician made communicating these nuances painless. He’s an amazing producer and we couldn’t be happier about how perfect the album is. 

Our Cadence

Raytown Productions is an online mixing, mastering and production studio in outskirts of Washington, DC operated by Bobby Balow. Building significant momentum on the east coast, Bobby has been composing and performing music for over 15 years and understands the needs of a recording musician. Bobby connects with artists to ensure the vision of each song has been captured and brought to life.

Bobby also launched the Raytown Productions Blog, an online educational platform providing top-quality tutorials and tips for musicians, producers, and home studio owners looking to take their music to the next level.

Bobby works with many diverse musicians, with musical tastes ranging from pop, hip hop and indie to rock, metal, dub and reggae. No project is too abstract! If you have an idea, it can reach it’s greatest potential at Raytown Productions.

Don’t take our word for it, let your ears be the judge: listen to our before and after song mixing and mastering services now!



Want to learn more about the mixing process? Watch Bobby from Raytown Productions mix a pop song from start to finish.

Artist: Ädept

Raytown Productions can mix and master virtually any number of audio tracks with award winning analog and digital gear. Our mixing services will transform your song into an immersive and 3-D soundscape, while retaining focus, presence and impact. We reduce harshness by surgically removing any unpleasing frequencies and harmonically balancing all tracks to ensure the final product will sound great on your iPhone, computer speakers, car or club!

If you song was recorded in a bedroom or world class studio, we can make it sound better! Focus on your art and save the mixing for us. No project is too abstract! With low prices and great results, a professional demo or full length album will be created and stand apart from the scene.



Mastering is a crucial final step in the CD creation process. We offer red book standard competitive mastering services in our acoustically treated mixing and mastering suite making your music “ready for the radio” without compromising its sonic integrity. We provide competitive masters, encode metadata and can create a disc description protocol (DDP) or virtual CD for CD duplication or replication services. Our online mastering services include a high resolution master that is specifically optimized for maximum impact without clipping or distortion when submitting to high resolution online streaming services. Please contact us with any questions you have or just to chat about your music.

Please see our FAQ section for some do’s and don’ts when preparing your songs for mastering.



Creative additions to your songs will help separate your band from the crowd. Pitch correction, harmony generation and alignment, restructuring, and rearrangements are at the heart of Raytown Productions. Poorly recorded drum tracks can be enhanced by blending or replacing with one or more of our drum samples from our vast library of drum sounds for all genres taking your music to the top of the charts. We offer reamping services to help make your bass or guitar DI tracks more powerful and thick. Bobby works with you to push your musical abilities to their limit. Having an outside ear to listen and offer suggestions about your music adds invaluable insight in the creative process and maintains a coherent vision for all the musicians. We also have tools to add harmonies, strings sections, pianos, bass drops, samples, live guitar, bass and drums, etc. We do it all: your imagination is the limit!

Producing music takes a trained ear and extreme attention to detail. Watch Bobby edit and tune vocals in his “Producing Rock Vocals Masterclass” and see for yourself the attention to detail required to transparently edit and tune vocals for modern song production.

Services include:

  • Dance music compilations for dance routines or recitals
  • Transparent pitch correction, “Auto-Tune” effect, and harmony/melody generation
  • Sample replacement of acoustic drums (snare, toms, kick)
  • Timing realignment for perfect background vocals, doubles, drum tempo smoothing, etc.
  • Programming or sequencing life-like drums spanning all styles of music
  • Reamp services for electric and bass guitars (DI Track Required)
  • Midi scoring and orchestration
  • Track rearrangement and restructuring
  • Swear or curse removal for radio play

All production services are available upon request through our contact page. Note: Raytown Productions and all affiliates are not responsible for use of uncleared samples.

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