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How do you mix & Master my music?

Each track is carefully balanced through equalization, multi-band and parallel compression, harmonic balancing, noise gating and proper dithering and encoding using the highest quality industry standard plugins and analog gear. Special attention to each track ensures a more focused and 3-D stereo image that will sound great whether in car or at the club!

6 Audio Tracks or Less Per Song

Great for simplistic songs or premixed beats!

24 Audio Tracks or Less Per Song

Perfect for tracked out beats or full bands!

Unlimited Audio Tracks Per Song

A must have for complicated arrangements!

Production Services

Our production services truly separates us from any other mixing or mastering house. Having an outside ear to listen to your music provides valuable insight and feedback to the musicians in regards to both mixing and production/arrangement. All production services are quoted on a per song basis, which will be invoiced after a consultation of your goals and vision of the song. Any production service can be added to gold or platinum services. Raytown Productions offers:

  • Dance music compilations for dance routines or recitals
  • Transparent pitch correction, “Auto-Tune” effect, and harmony/melody generation
  • Sample replacement of acoustic drums (snare, toms, kick)
  • Timing realignment for perfect background vocals, doubles, drum tempo smoothing, etc.
  • Programming or sequencing life-like drums spanning all styles of music
  • Reamp services for electric and bass guitars (DI Track Required)
  • Midi scoring and orchestration
  • Track rearrangement and restructuring
  • Swear or curse removal for radio play

If interested in our production services, please let us know what services you are interested in under the notes section on the checkout page. Please describe what you are trying to accomplish with your project and where we can help. We will respond within 48 hours to discuss your needs for your project and send you a quote.


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