Before uploading, please read our FAQ for more details about the upload process and stem requirements! This will greatly reduce delays with your order. Make sure to include a text file with any album information (metadata) you would like encoded and any mixing or recording notes.

Lastly, if uploading multiple files, please archive them as a .zip or .rar before uploading. This will ensure your files are together and organized.

Option 1

Upload Directly to Our Secured Server

Please drag and drop your files in this box, or select your files by clicking “Select Files”. When all files have been selected, please click “Upload Files”.



Please organize your audio files as shown.

Option 2

Send Your Files Using a Free Online Service

If you need another way to send your audio files to us, you can use a free online file transfer service. We’ve listed 3 of our favorites below. You do not need to make an account to use the file sending service. Please be sure to send all files to: [email protected].




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