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Bogren Digital AmpKnob BDH Plugin | Ultimate Review + Discount

Bogren Digital AmpKnob BDH Plugin | Ultimate Review + Discount

Bogren Digital AmpKnob BDH Bundle
Legendary 5150 tone in 3 Effortless Plugins

Bogren digital just released NOT one, NOT two, but THREE different amp sim plugins that completely capture the essence of the 5150 Blockletter, 6505+, and the EVH III guitar amps. Not only do these plugins sound awesome, but they offer some NEW features that I haven’t seen in any other guitar amp plugin to date!

This review will tell you everything you need to know about these game-changing plugins and help you decide if they are right for you.

Bogren Digital AmpKnob BDH Plugin Bundle

Bogren Digital AmpKnob BDH Plugin Bundle


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Metal Mixing Cheat Sheet - Raytown Productions



Bogren Digital has removed EVERY distraction from their amp sim plugin allowing you get to get a KILLER guitar tone in SECONDS.  No more fiddling with EQ knobs, bright or crunch switches, pre/post gain knobs, or power amp resonance and presence settings.

Everything has been distilled down into just one gain knob – turn it up to set the desired amount of distortion for your guitar tone and you are all set to make a record!

In addition, every AmpKnob plugin to date comes with a standalone version so you can turn your laptop or computer into a guitar amp to jam, practice, and even record riffs (more about this feature later).


 The Bogren Digital BDH bundle has all the heavy hitters in the 5150 guitar amp line from the “Blockletter” that came out in the early 90s to the Peavey 6505+ in 2005 to the modern EVHiii model released in 2008. 

BDH 5169 (Peavey 5150 Blockletter)

The BDH 5169 is based on the original “blockletter” amp head from 1992. Its aggressive and punchy high-gain tone is heard on countless heavy metal and metalcore bands.

BDH 66o6+ (Peavey 6505+)

This BDH 66o6+ amp is a hot-rodded and modified “plus” version of the 6505. The amp is truly unique and was custom modified by Jens make this amp breathe, spit and bite in a way that is the opposite of stale modern high-gain amps. It’s NASTY in the best way possible.

BDHiii (Fender EVHiii)

This modern classic is based on the EVH III guitar amp. It provides a very modern, full and rich sound that holds up in dense songs. The distortion works exceptionally well for modern riffs, as well as creamy leads.

AmpKnob BDH Bundle (Best Deal!)

Bogren Digital AmpKnob BDH Plugin Bundle

Bogren Digital also offers a AmpKnob bundle so you can grab all three versions of the plugin for the price of 2!


Because Bogren Digital is so awesome, they are giving ALL Raytown Productions followers 10% off their NON-SALE products in their store!

Just use discount code “RAYTOWN” at checkout. 


The new Bogren Digital AmpKnob BDH guitar amp plugins come with both the plugin and standalone versions so you can plug your guitar directly into your computer and have it play out your speakers.

The main interface showcases a single gain knob and also a NEW pedal button which activates a Tubescreamer style guitar pedal just before the amp that gives you an extra boost of distortion when you need it. It also tightens up the amp and makes it a touch more aggressive.

Along the bottom of the plugin contains a utility bar that gives you even more fun things to play with.

Bottom Bar of AmpKnob BDH plugins - Raytown Productions Review

The most important features along this are include:

  • Riff recorder to capture new riffs or song ideas when jamming.
  • Programmable metronome to help you play riffs faster (super awesome feature – see video below).
  • Guitar tuner
  • Guitar cabinet impulse response loader


The video below walks you through everything you need to know about Bogren Digital Ampknob BDH plugins and showcases their sound both as a shootout by themselves AND within a dense metal mix.

I’ve included a list of timestamps as well, so you can jump directly to the parts of the review that interest you.

I also walk you through how to set up the standalone version of the plugin to turn your computer into a modern metal guitar amp and how to record riffs within the plugin. You will also see how powerful the programmable metronome is for becoming a better and faster guitar player.

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00:00 – NEW Bogren Digital Ampknob BDH Plugin | Ultimate Review
01:18 – Rock & Metal Mixing Cheat Sheet
01:47 – AmpKnob BDH Standalone Version
02:19 – How to use Ampknob as a Guitar Amp
03:06 – Playing Through Ampknob Live Without Delay
04:58 – New Featuers in Ampknob BDH
08:02 – Ampknob BDH in a Song
08:59 – Demo of Each BDH Ampknob Plugin
09:31 – Ampknob 5169 Plugin Sound
11:09 – Ampknob 6606 Plugin Sound
12:00 – Ampknob BDH III Plugin Sound
13:22 – Shootout of all versions of AmpKnob BDH
14:31 – Shootout of all versions of AmpKnob BDH with Pedals On
15:36 – Shootout of all versions of AmpKnob BDH In a Full Mix
16:42 – BDH Amp Sim in a Dense Chorus
17:24 – Advantage of Having All 3 Amps
18:48 – Bogren Digital Discount/Promo Code

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