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Why I Never Use Vocal Reverb Anymore…

Why I Never Use Vocal Reverb Anymore…

Is Reverb Ruining Your Mix? Try This Instead!

I wanted to talk about something that’s really important to me: vocal reverb.

I’ve been using vocal reverbs for years, but lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how they can make your vocals sound too far away from the instruments in your mix.

And it’s true! When mixing vocals, you usually want to keep them up front and center. But when you use a reverb on your vocals, it can make the vocals feel pushed back into a mix and sound distant—and that’s not what we want!

So instead of using a reverb, let’s try using a delay instead.

Delays are an incredibly powerful tool for creating depth and space in your mix: they can even add richness and warmth to a vocal performance if used correctly!

But delay plugins are also great for getting vocals out front and keeping them there—which means that if we use delays instead of reverbs on our vocals, we’ll have an easier time making sure they stay up front while still sounding rich and full.

In the video below, I show you how powerful using delays can be to keep a vocalist front and center. You will also learn all my secrets for dialing in vocal delay!

00:00 – Intro
01:03 – Download My FREE Vocal Delay Secrets eBook!
02:30 – Sound of Dry Vocals
02:54 – My Go To Reverbs for Vocals
03:27 – Here’s the Problem With Reverb
04:56 – Try This Instead of Using Vocal Reverbs
06:27 – Comparing Vocal Reverb to Vocal Delay
06:44 – Vocal Reverb and Delay In Context of a Full Mix
08:09 – Mixing Challenge for Your Next Song
08:24 – Don’t Forget Your FREE Vocal Delay Secrets PDF!

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I'm an audio enthusiast, entrepreneur, and owner of Raytown Productions – an online mixing, mastering, and production studio. I love challenging artists and musicians to create art that is honest and resonates with others.

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