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Best Cheap LED Flood Lighting for Home Recording Studio

Best Cheap LED Flood Lighting for Home Recording Studio
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If you are looking for the best LED lights to set a KILLER VIBE in your home or bedroom recording STUDIO, this is THE VIDEO for you. LED STRIP LIGHTS NEVER put out enough actual light so I researched MANY different options including the Phillips HUE bulbs.

This video shows you how these lights look setup and mounted in many different spots and I provide some UNIQUE MOUNTING solutions for someone looking to keep your space NEAT and tidy.

I can’t recommend these lights enough – they are hands down the BEST LED Lights I FOUND.

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Best LED Lighting for a Home Studio (Less than $20!)

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🟢🔴🔵LED Bluetooth 15 W Flood Lights:
🔌Complete Light Bulb Socket Adapter Kit:
🔧5 mm Allen Wrench:


📹Canon 77d:
📷Sigma 18-35 mm Lens:
🎙Rode Microphone (Video):
🗜Boom Stand for Mic:
💡Ring Light:


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I do my absolute best to give you fair, complete, and honest advice for gear, plugins, and software. These LED lights were purchased by ME after literally weeks of research. These are my absolutely honest opinions. Some of the links are affiliate links which often gives you a discounted price for the plugins/gear. At the same time, I also receive a little tip from each sale (basically like buying me a cup of coffee ☕ for helping you out with these high-quality videos).
It’s a win win, and I very much appreciate it 😀



For less than $20 each, this is a no brainer if you need to add some vibe AND functional lighting to your studio. LED strip lighting is nice if you want to accent something, but you will be fumbling around in the dark.

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