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NEW! Waves BB Tubes Saturation Plugin – ULTIMATE Review

NEW! Waves BB Tubes Saturation Plugin – ULTIMATE Review

Waves BB Tubes Saturation plugin was just released, but how does it sound?

👉 Check out BB Tubes Plugin HERE:

Waves - BB Tubes Saturation Plugin


A plugin review that is also a masterclass on saturation!

Learn EVERYTHING you could possibly want to know about the NEW Waves BB Tubes Plugin that was just released for Cyber Monday 2022!

I take you under the hood to analyze what the plugin is doing, go over all the features and highlight what makes this plugin special, and show you how it sounds on TONS of different sources including vocals, guitars, drums, bass, AND as a mastering plugin!

I even compare it to the cheaper “lil” version of this plugin called Lil Tube.

Waves - Lil Tube Plugin Review

Waves – Lil Tube Plugin – See how it compares to Waves BB Tubes!


By the end of the video, you will know how to perfectly dial in this plugin (and pretty much any saturation plugin for that matter) for all of your songs!

Best NEW Features of Waves BB Tubes

  • Oversampling option: FINALLY! I find that 2X makes a big improvement to the aliasing artifacts in this plugin. If your CPU can handle it, usually more is better, but trust your ears! Sometimes the sound can change with higher oversampling in a way you weren’t expecting.
  • Bass Relief Knob: This helps to keep the low end clean and not distort for bass-heavy songs (or on a kick drum for rock and metal). Be careful though! It can carve out a hole around 200 Hz that can make drums sound weak if used on a drum bus.
  • PRE saturation EQ boost: This increases the “density” of the airy frequencies before saturation giving them more weight in the mix. This sounds very musical to me but can be EASILY OVERDONE – so tread lightly here.

Watch the video below to see and hear Waves BB Tubes in action!

The video is timestamped below for convenience. Jump to your favorite part!

00:00 – Intro
00:34 – Features and Interface of BB Tubes Plugin
01:37 – Gain Staging Matters! VERY IMPORTANT!
04:27 – Bass Relief Knob (this is special)
06:00 – Looking Under the Hood of Waves BB Tubes Plugin
06:35 – Lil Tube vs. BB Tube Frequency Analysis
06:59 – Concerning Behavior of One Very Important Knob
08:30 – BB Tubes Harmonic Analysis
11:04 – BB Tubes Dynamics Analysis
12:18 – How Does BB Tubes Saturation Plugin Sound?
12:43 – BB Tubes Plugin on Drum Bus Just Transformer Circuit
13:50 – Sound of BB Tubes Saturation Plugin On Drum Bus
15:53 – Beast Saturation on Drum Bus
17:38 – Saturating High Frequencies of Drum Bus for Presence
19:42 – Setting Levels For Massive Drum Bus
20:36 – Waves BB Tubes on a Lead Vocal
22:08 – Adding Air to a Vocal using BB Tubes Plugin
22:40 – Important Tip For Dialing In Waves BB Tubes Plugin
23:43 – Beast Saturation Settings on Lead Vocal
24:14 – Both Types of Saturation on Lead Vocal
25:21 – Vocals with BB Tubes Plugin in a Full Mix
26:07 – Reducing Mud in Vocal Using Waves BB Tubes
26:28 – Waves BB Tubes on Guitar Bus
28:11 – Beast Saturation on Guitars
30:04 – How to use Tone Knob On Guitars
30:52 – Waves BB Tubes on Bass Guitar
32:21 – Beast Distortion on Bass Guitar
32:58 – Watch Out For This On Bass!
33:48 – DO THIS if you Use Saturation on Bass!
34:26 – Waves BB Tubes on the Master Bus!
38:29 – The Best Advice You Will Ever Hear for Mastering
39:33 – BB Tubes Before and After on Master Bus
40:02 – Summary and Final Thoughts

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