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Hey, I'm Bobby! Welcome to my blog for music creators!

This blog is for you if:

✅ You have a home recording studio
✅ You are struggling to get a pro sounding recording
✅ You want actionable and informative videos and secrets
✅ You want to make better sounding music

This blog isn't for you if:

⛔ You don't want to improve their mixing/mastering skills
⛔ You know everything there is to know about audio
⛔ You are unwilling to see another perspective

So hopefully this blog is for you 😀 And while you are at it, drop your email below to get notified when we publish new and helpful audio related videos and articles.

Latest Posts

TOP 3 Vocal Delay TRICKS for PRO Vocals (any genre)

Do your vocals just not sit right in the mix? Are they muddy or pushed back or just don’t sound like your favorite bands and artists?
Today, I’m sharing my vocal delay secrets that I use on EVERY SINGLE SONG that I mix. You will learn exactly how to set up my favorite vocal delay tricks to add space, improve clarity, and make your vocals pop!

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How to Fix A Weak Kick Drum? (FREE DOWNLOAD)

How to do you fix a kick drum that doesn’t have enough low end and just sounds weak?!?
Some of the time, you can add EQ or a compressor or use other mixing tricks to “fix the problem in the mix”, but sometimes a fancy EQ trick just won’t cut it when trying to get a kick drum to compete with an 808 bassline or a dense mix. Learn my secret weapon to add perfect low-end punch to any kick drum.

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