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WAVES Nx Germano Plugin vs. ALL Other Nx Plugins | Plugin Shootout, Review, & Tutorial

The Waves Nx Germano Plugin helps home studio owners and music creators make better sounding music on headphones by recreating a more natural sounding space in headphones that is better suited for mixing and mastering music. The Germano Studio in New York is famous for working with so many MASSIVE pop and hip hop/rap artists, so if you make Pop or Rap music on headphones, Waves made the Nx Germano Studios plugin for you!

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NEW! Waves Clarity Vx Plugin – INSTANT Clean Vocals | Demo, Features & Review

Waves Clarity Vx Plugin is game changing AI Noise Removal for Vocals that only uses one knob! Remove all non-humans sounds from your vocal tracks like headphone bleed, computer fan or air conditioning sounds, footsteps, noisy traffic, and the list goes on…
This tool is INDESPENSIBLE for ANYONE with a home studio that records in not ideal situations where stray noise might leak into the microphone.

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