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Put Reverb FIRST in your Vocal Chain (why this works)

Put Reverb FIRST in your Vocal Chain (why this works)

Try this crazy vocal reverb trick in your song!

How many times have you been told to put reverb FIRST in your vocal plugin chain? Probably NEVER!

I discovered this crazy vocal reverb trick that works incredibly well to transform a boring old reverb into a dynamic reverb that moves and dances with the music and vocal performance.

Why This Reverb Trick Works so Well

One reason why this vocal trick works so well, is because it emulates the sound of reverb that is naturally in a room when recording. The microphone will pick up the reverb that is present. Lots of modern vocal recording techniques use absorption panels to deaden this natural reverb sound to make an artificially dry vocal recording for processing.

By adding a reverb first, the reverb itself goes through the processing chain which usually includes EQ, compression, and other effects. This can add to the movement and feeling of the vocal that isn’t really achievable any other way.

It has a unique sound to it that you can hear in the video below.

What to Watch Out for When Using this Reverb Trick

The sound of having a reverb first in your vocal chain can either be good or bad depending on what you are trying to achieve. Sometimes the sound of a very “in your face” dry vocal sound is what is what sounds and feels best for a song.

Something else to watch out for is that your reverb will now be affected by the amount of compression you are using. I personally find that when putting reverb first in my plugin chain, I do so very lightly and let the compressor pull the reverb out more.

Don’t skip the video below! I show you exactly how to dial this amazing effect in for your vocals. Jump to your favorite parts by following the timestamps below.

00:00 Crazy Vocal Reverb Trick
01:05 Download my Favorite FREE Mixing and Mastering Plugins Guide! 🎁
01:30 Artist: Eden Rose Song: Moving On (Links in Description)
01:42 How I typically set up vocal reverb plugins
01:55 Vocal Reverb Plugins I use
03:07 The sound of vocal reverb BEFORE compressors in vocal chain
06:24 My Vocal Plugin Chain
08:16 Going deeper into my vocal plugin chain

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