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Bogren Digital AmpKnob revC Plugin Review – Instant Metal Guitar Tone

Bogren Digital AmpKnob revC Plugin Review – Instant Metal Guitar Tone

What is the new Bogren Digital AmpKnob revC plugin?

Well, Bogren Digital did it – they found a way to make a KILLER metal guitar amp tone in less than 2 second … and all just by turning one knob!

Raytown Productions Blog | Bogren Digital AmpKnob revC plugin interface

Bogren Digital AmpKnob revC Plugin Interface

This is very different from most guitar amp plugins where you have virtually unlimited options for tweaking your guitar tone. Companies like Amplitube, Neural DSP, and STL let you choose the guitar amp, guitar cab, microphone, microphone placement, room, room ambience, guitar pedals, and so on. While this is really fun to play with, it doesn’t always get us to a better sounding guitar tone! Not to mention it takes a lot of time to try different options.

So if you are looking for a fast and foolproof way to get a ripping metal or rock guitar tone, you should check this plugin out.

How does the new Bogren Digital AmpKnob revC plugin sound?

The amp is based off a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier, but the “C” revision. This particular amp is known for a pronounced upper mid presence and more aggressive bite – PERFECT for hard rock and metal guitar tones!

This amp has been used on so many albums and has an iconic sound that can be heard in the demo video below!

AmpKnob revC Plugin Includes a Standalone Version

A standalone program allows you to play your guitar into your computer and play back the amp tone through your speakers. Super fun if you want a massive guitar tone, but don’t want to wake up your neighbors 🤘

Check out the tone in the video below!

00:00 Bogren Digital – AmpKnob Plugin Review
02:05 Download Your FREE Guitar Cab IR Pack! 🎁
04:02 Bogren Digital – AmpKnob revC User Interface and Features
:05:05 Dialing In a Guitar Tone with AmpKnob revC Plugin
06:05 My Metal Guitar Plugin Chain with AmpKnob revC
07:44 Bogren Digital – AmpKnob revC in a mix
08:36 Downsides of Bogren Digital AmpKnob revC
09:45 Should you buy Bogren Digital AmpKnob?
10:52 Get 10% OFF Bogren Digital Products!
11:02 What are YOUR thoughts on Bogren Digital AmpKnob?
11:26 Don’t Forget Your FREE Guitar Cab IR Pack!

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