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MP3 vs WAV vs AAC | Hear the (actual) differences!

MP3 vs WAV vs AAC | Hear the (actual) differences!

Can you hear a difference between WAV vs MP3 vs AAC audio files?

Is lossy audio as bad as everyone says it is? What are the ACTUAL differences between a lossless wav file and lossy or compressed audio formats like MP3 and AAC?  Can you even tell the differences in a blind shootout?

I wanted to know the answers to all of these questions. In the video below, you will learn what the sonic differences are between the WAV, MP3, and AAC audio formats. Turns out, it doesn’t as bad as some people think!

After watching this video, you will know what to listen for when working with and preparing uncompressed and compressed audio files for release!

By the way, you can use the timestamps below to jump to your favorite parts, but I recommend watching the entire thing.

00:00 What Does Loss Audio Compression Sound Like?
01:23 Download My Favorite Free Plugins Guide 🎁
01:53 In the Session
02:08 Artifacts caused by MP3 and AAC Transcoding
04:04 Uncompressed WAV vs MP3
07:20 Comparing Quality Loss of Wav to 320, 192, and 128 kbps MP3 Files
08:42 What sounds better? MP3 vs AAC codecs
10:59 Battle of the WORST! AAC vs MP3 at 128 kbps
12:21 Don’t Forget Your FREE Gift!

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I'm an audio enthusiast, entrepreneur, and owner of Raytown Productions – an online mixing, mastering, and production studio. I love challenging artists and musicians to create art that is honest and resonates with others.

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