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16 Bit vs 24 Bit vs 32 Bit Wav Audio Files – Can You HEAR a Difference? Part 1

16 Bit vs 24 Bit vs 32 Bit Wav Audio Files – Can You HEAR a Difference? Part 1

Is there (Actually) A Difference Between 16 Bit, 24 Bit, and 32 Bit Wav Audio Files?


Are you leaving something on the table by not releasing your music as a 24/32 BIT wav file?

This video goes deep into if you can really hear a difference between 16 bit, 24 bit, and 32 bit wav files and what that means for your music.

But if you are just here for a quick answer here it is:

The only real difference between 16, 24 and 32 bit audio is the dynamic range. A 16, 24, or 32 bit audio file will not capture any “extra” frequencies or produce something that sounds more “3D”. Bit depth just determines the noise floor of the audio file.

If you want to go deeper, the video below shows you what the ACTUAL differences are between the audio formats and the limitations for each.

As a bonus, I also cover how digital audio works, converting between analog and digital signals, and how dynamic range is determined.

If you are interested in What Bit Depth (16, 24, or 32 BIT) you SHOULD BE RECORDING At In YOUR Home Studio, check out Part 2 (Coming Soon)!

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00:00 Intro
01:11 What is bit depth?
02:03 How does bit depth determine dynamic range?
02:43 Differences between 16 BIT, 24 BIT, and 32 BIT audio
04:00 What actually captures all frequencies in audio?
05:02 Is more dynamic range better?
05:45 Limitations to playing back audio files
07:02 When can you perceive a difference between 16 and 24 BIT?

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