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3 Guitar DI Secrets for MASSIVE Guitar Tone | How to Mix Guitar and Bass Amp Sims

3 Guitar DI Secrets for MASSIVE Guitar Tone | How to Mix Guitar and Bass Amp Sims

Everything You Need to Know When Working With Guitar DIs and Amp Sims

If you record and mix guitar or bass DI tracks, then this video is a MUST WATCH!

Learn my secrets to unlock MASSIVE guitar and bass tones in your music from any DI (direct injection) track.

What You Will Learn:

  • When to EQ BEFORE or AFTER an Amp Sim
  • How to sculpt and EQ guitar tone
  • Enhance the pick attack with dynamic EQs like FabFilter Pro Q3
  • How to use specialty EQs like Eventide SplitEQ to selectively EQ transients to add aggression
  • How to wake up a poorly recorded guitar DI using transient enhancers

There is a lot of deep, fundamental information in this video so stick with it all the way through to the end!

And as a bonus, you can grab my FREE guitar cabinet impulse response pack to use in your songs!

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0:00 Intro
1:14 Download My FREE Guitar Cabinet Impulse Response Pack 🎁
2:06 Fundamental Concepts When Working with Guitar DIs
2:35 Guitar Cabinet Impulse Responses are Linear Processes
3:14 How We Use a Null Test to Test Audio Files
4:09 How to Perform a Null Test
4:57 EQing Before or After Guitar Cabinet IR Is an Identical Process
6:02 EQing Before or After Amp Sim or Distortion
7:45 Guitar Tone When EQing DI BEFORE Reamping
8:45 Guitar Tone When EQing AFTER Guitar Amp Simulator
9:07 When Should You EQ a Guitar DI?
9:38 Cleaning Up Bass Tone by EQing DI
10:46 When Should You EQ AFTER Reamping?
11:10 Using a Dynamic EQ to Enhance the Transients of a Guitar
12:52 Using a Dynamic EQ to Clean Up Guitar Cabinet Resonance
13:40 Eventide SplitEQ to Enhance Guitar Pick Attack
15:11 Using a Transient Enhancer to Make Guitar DIs POP
17:35 Quick Summary
19:24 Don’t Forget to Download My FREE Guitar Cabinet Impulse Response Pack🎁

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