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BEST PLUGIN DEALS BLACK FRIDAY 2022 | Waves, FabFilter, Soundtoys, Sonnox, Antares

BEST PLUGIN DEALS BLACK FRIDAY 2022 | Waves, FabFilter, Soundtoys, Sonnox, Antares

Best Black Friday Plugin Deals 2022

It’s week of Black Friday and the deals plugin sales are LIVE!

Now, buying more plugins isn’t always the answer to better sounding music. That being said, I know a lot of people are going to buy plugins anyways….


Below are my top picks and biggest deals this season. The plugins I show and recommend are the ones that I feel are of the best quality out there and will serve you well based on my 15+ years of experience!

Jump below to watch the summary video which highlights the best live Black Friday 2022 deals!
Please help support this blog! Some of the links are affiliate links which doesn’t cost you anything extra. In fact, these often get you THE BEST DEAL I can find. At the same time, I also receive a small tip from each sale (basically like buying me a cup of coffee ☕ for helping you out with these high-quality videos).

00:00 – Black Friday Plugin Deals 2022 Summary!
00:28 – Waves Black Friday 2022 Plugin Deals
01:39 – Best Value for Waves Plugins This Black Friday 2022
03:29 – Mix on Headphones? Check this Out!
05:16 – Oeksound Black Friday 2022 Plugin Deals (Soothe + SPIFF!)
06:13 – Wavefactory – Trackspacer Plugin Black Friday 2022 Sale!
07:19 – Sonnox Plugin Black Friday 2022 Sale! (Check out Inflator!)
07:58 – FabFilter Black Friday Plugin Sales 2022
08:53 – Rock and Metal People – Listen Up! Bogren Digital Black Friday Sale!
10:20 – Neural DSP Guitar Amp Plugins – Black Friday 2022
10:42 – Antares – AutoTune Black Friday 2022 Sale
12:01 – SoundToys – Black Friday Sale 2022
12:40 – Celemony – Melodyne Pitch Correction Black Friday Sale 2022!
13:39 – iZotope is giving away Audiolens for FREE!
14:47 – More awesome FREE PLUGINS!
15:12 – Are buying plugins the right move for Black Friday?

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