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NEW! Waves Clarity Vx Plugin – INSTANT Clean Vocals | Demo, Features & Review

NEW! Waves Clarity Vx Plugin – INSTANT Clean Vocals | Demo, Features & Review

Waves Clarity Vx Plugin – The fastest way to clean vocals PERIOD

Most music creators nowadays work out of home studios – which are notorious for not having proper sound proofing or room treatment. So what can we do when we record the PERFECT take, but the air conditioning turned on in the middle of it? Or your dog barked at exactly the wrong time?

Normally this would ruin the take, but NOT anymore… Waves might have solved this problem once and for all!

The Best Vocal Cleaning Plugin Ever Created?

Waves just released the Clarity Vx plugin – a new type of vocal and dialog cleaning plugin that uses MILLIONS of hours of machine learning to identify when a voice is present in audio and when it isn’t.

This enables us to SELECTIVELY REMOVE all the stuff that isn’t a human voice – including a noisy neighbor above you, headphone bleed on a mic, a grumpy pet, or even air conditioning/fan/vacuum cleaner… without significantly impacting the quality or fidelity of the vocal!

Even more, it manages to do this with basically JUST ONE KNOB! It’s absolutely incredible.

Waves - Clarity Vx Plugin

The NEW Waves Clarity Vx Plugin – Revolutionary AI Voice Cleaning Technology

The interface is clean and simple so ANYONE will be able to professional de-noise their vocals or dialog. You just turn the big knob in the middle and the any non-human sounds vanish from the audio.

Who is Waves Clarity Vx For?

Waves Clarity Vx is an indispensable tool that I think everyone with a home studio should have. It was just released for only $29 here, so it should be accessible for the majority of people with home studios. In addition, the PRO version of Waves Clarity is more geared towards post-production houses for video where you need additional control in removing both the ambience and noises, as well as the vocals – which leaves you with just the ambience. This is perfect for Automated Dialog Replacement (ADR) where you would ideally use the same background ambience sounds from the original recording or take.

Waves Clarity is also perfect for podcasters, audiobook or voice-over actors/actresses, content creators, gamers, livestreaming, and the list goes on and on. Anyone that wasn’t the cleanest vocal takes will be interested in Waves Clarity Vx.

What types of sound can Waves Clarity Vx Remove?

Pretty much any sound that is non-human in nature. Here are a few that I tested which worked really well:

✅ Removing headphone bleed from a vocal track without affecting the vocal quality
✅ Speaker/Music bleed when filming video content with a high sensitivity microphone
✅ Barking dogs or other noisy pets from dialog for video
✅ Ambient fan or furnace noise – including laptop and house fans!
✅Washing machine or dryer hum
✅Outdoor ambient sounds like footsteps and crunching leaves
✅Noisy traffic in a city
✅Background noise during a podcast recording

By the way, Waves Clarity Vx can be use in REAL TIME – allowing you to actively filter out sounds when streaming live or during audio and video content creation.

How to Use Waves Clarity Vx Plugin and Features

My favorite part of the Waves Clarity Vx Plugin is how simple the interface is. ANYONE will be able to quickly clean their vocals.

The best way to see how to use the plugin is to watch the video below. It goes over the interface and gives you everything you need to know to get super clean vocals almost instantly. 

The video is timestamped below, so you can jump to your favorite part.

0:00 Intro
0:20 Waves Clarity Vx can be used for podcasts, videos, YouTube, movies…
02:39 My Free Gift to You
03:18 Overview of Waves Clarity Vx (Features, How To Use, GUI)
04:28 How to Set Up Waves Clarity to Clean Stereo Audio
05:50 Why is there a Reset Button on Waves Clarity Vx?
06:50 How Does Waves Clarity Vx Sound?
07:26 Removal of Dog Barking and Growling from Vocals
08:27 Removal of Dryer and Furnace Noise from Vocal Audio
09:36 Removal of Vacuum Sound From Dialog with Waves Clarity Vx
10:24 Removal of Ambient Outdoor Noise (Crunching Leaves and Car)
11:24 Large Fan Noise + Roomba Noise Removal from Vocal
12:20 Last One I Swear – Loud Music Removal From Vocal with Waves Clarity Vx
13:46 More Noise Removal Features in Clarity Vx PRO
14:19 Is Waves Clarity Vx a Game Changer?
14:50 Don’t forget your FREE Gift! 🎁

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