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Bogren Digital BassKnob STD Plugin Review, Analysis, and Demo [Promo Code & Discount!]

Bogren Digital BassKnob STD Plugin Review, Analysis, and Demo [Promo Code & Discount!]

Yes, you can get amazing Bass Tone for Rock and Metal mixes in about 2 seconds with Bogren Digital BassKnob STD plugin

Bogren Digital - BassKnob STD GUI

Bogren Digital BassKnob STD Plugin Interface

Is it possible for a one knob plugin by Bogren Digital to transform a simple Bass Guitar DI into incredible sounding bass tone that can hold up in a dense rock and metal song?

In this article, you will learn all the features of BassKnob STD and also into the inner workings of the plugin to see the magic that lies under the hood.


Bogren Digital BassKnob STD Plugin features

  • 2-channels: Clean and Dirt. Clean stays more true to the bass DI tone, but adds a subtle saturation to make the bass stand out more in a mix. Dirt goes from gentle saturation to annihilation.
  • Gain knob: This is the only real knob on the plugin. Turn it up until it sounds great. Note: The plugin doesn’t automatically compensate for the increase in gain, so some increase in volume will occur when dialing this up. So if you want a fair comparison to other plugins, you will need to adjust the output volume to match your input level.


The top of the plugin offers a few additional features:

Bogren Digital – BassKnob STD GUI Top Bar

  • In/Out Sliders: This adjusts the gain before and after the plugin.
  • Tuner Button: Opens a tuning dialog window so you can tune your bass if you are using the standalone version of the plugin for a bass tone.
  • Cabinet Impulse Response Button: Enable or disable the cabinet IR. Great if you want to use your own IRs after the plugin.
  • Settings Button: Gives you a few options about licensing, making the plugin mono or stereo, and also access to a noise gate which can be helpful. The noise gate is on by default.


BassKnob STD Plugin Includes a Standalone Version

A standalone program allows you to play your bass into your computer and play back the amp tone through your speakers. Super fun if you want a massive bass tone, but don’t want to wake up your neighbors 🤘


Looking Under the Hood of BassKnob STD

Active plugin design – In the video review below, I show you what happens to the audio when it goes through BassKnob STD. And it is VERY surprising!

Unlike any other bass amp sim plugin I’ve tried, Bogren Digital BassKnob is actively modulating the frequency response. It’s not obvious by using the plugin by itself, but it certainly has an effect on the sound. Perhaps this is the magic that makes the plugin FEEL so alive.

You can also see the frequency response of the plugin from the impulse response that loads in the background of the plugin as well as the type of saturation that occurs when pushing up the gain knob (even order harmonics).

Bogren Digital BassKnob STD Plugin Interface and corresponding output frequency response.

Bogren Digital – BassKnob STD Plugin Frequency Response and Saturation Analysis

If you want to see this plugin in action and learn more about how the plugin works and some best settings to use, watch the video below!

All the different sections are time stamped so you can quickly jump to the different parts of the video.


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00:00 Why Bass is hard to mix
01:43 Download My FREE Rock & Metal Mixing Cheat Sheet 🎁
02:16 Overview of plugin GUI and features
04:47 Looking under the hood of BassKnob STD: Frequency & Harmonic Analysis
09:10 How to Improve the Focus of a Distorted Bass using an EQ Plugin
10:52 Demonstration of BassKnob STD by Itself
12:40 My favorite settings for BassKnob STD Plugin
13:24 Bogren Digital BassKnob STD in the Context of a Dense Metal Mix
16:36 What I love Bogren Digital BassKnob STD Plugin
17:36 The DOWNSIDE of Only Having One Knob
18:38 Let me know your thoughts!

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