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Waves Clarity Vx PRO vs. Clarity Vx: Plugin Differences, Demos, and Review

Waves Clarity Vx PRO vs. Clarity Vx: Plugin Differences, Demos, and Review

Waves Clarity Vx Pro vs. Clarity Vx – Which one should YOU get?

Waves released a superpowered voice denoising plugin that comes in two different flavors – the standard Waves Clarity Vx and the Clarity Vx Pro, which is focused on home studio enthusiasts and video professionals, respectively. On sale, you can grab them for $29 and $249 each!

Waves - Clarity Vx Plugin

The NEW Waves Clarity Vx Plugin – Revolutionary AI Voice Cleaning Technology

Why is Waves Clarity Vx Pro so much more expensive?

Well, the video below will show you what Clarity Vx Pro can do that the original can’t, as well as go over all the features in both plugins and give you some examples of both plugins in action.

If you just want to see this plugin in action, just to the end of this article and watch the video and you will know which version makes the most sense for you.

Waves Clarity Vx Pro - Raytown Productions Blog

Waves Clarity Vx Pro – Vocal Cleaning and Ambience Extraction Plugin

How does Waves Clarity Vx Technology Work?

Waves trained a neural network with over a million hours of data to help it “learn” what a human voice sounds like so it can pick out and isolate a voice or dialog in a complex audio recording. In Clarity Vx, you only have the option to reduce any ambience or noises in a vocal recording. Clarity Vx Pro, you can also extract the Ambience, letting you do automated dialog replacement (ADR) using the original ambience of the recorded take. This is some pretty advanced post-production stuff for movies and videos, but Waves Clarity has some incredible applications for audio (which is what I use it for!).

What is Clarity Vx Plugin Used For?

There are a number of uses for waves clarity for music creators – here is a small list that this plugin works great for:

✅ Removing headphone bleed from a vocal track
✅ Removing the sound of air conditioning or a fan in the background
✅ Taking out animal noises (like dogs playing or barking)
✅ Removing noisy outdoor traffic sounds from a vocal track
✅ Background noise or music removal
✅ Washing machine or dryer hum
✅ Outdoor ambient sounds like footsteps and crunching leaves
✅ Acoustic guitar bleed in a vocal mic

Waves Clarity Vx can also be used to provide all these features in REAL TIME! So you can actively filter out stray noise on the stage or during music or video creation. And it really does work incredibly well!

For $29, Waves Clarity Vx is a tool I recommend everyone pick up just to have. In my opinion it’s better than iZotope RX advanced and EVERY OTHER vocal or dialog cleaning tool out there.

Waves Clarity Vx Plugins are best for: 

✅ Podcasters
✅ Live Streamers on Facebook, Twitch, or YouTube
✅ Post-Production Video Professionals
✅Home Studio Owners
✅ Music Creators
✅ Voiceover Talent
✅ Audio Book Creators
✅ Business Professionals that Make Video or Audio Calls that Need Clean, Noise-free Voice
✅ And so on….

What are the differences between Waves Clarity Vx Pro and Clarity Vx?

The best way to showcase the differences is probably by watching the video below. But just in case you need something quick, here is a list of features that Waves Clarity Vx Pro offers that the standard doesn’t:

First of all, both Waves Clarity Vx PRO and Clarity Vx use the same neural network processing, which makes Waves Clarity Vx a STEAL at $29. See the full review here: www.raytownprodu…

Waves Clarity Vx Pro allows you to not only remove noises and ambience from vocals but extract the ambience as well. This can make Clarity Vx Pro a very helpful tool if you want to make your own instrumental or acapella versions of songs!

Clarity Pro also gives you one additional neural network algorithm that will provide the highest quality vocal isolation (but it might not work as well to remove ALL the ambience or noises from your audio – regardless it’s nice to have options).

The advanced features button at the bottom opens up a LOT of new options including:

✅ 4 separate frequency bands with process amount (dry/wet), solo, delta, bypass, pure gain adjustment and VCA control frequency band to adjust the noise reduction
✅ A reflections control to let the noise reduction algorithm to gently allow some reverberation back into the signal.
✅ An ambience gate which helps to further clean up any remaining ambience in the signal.
✅ Includes Clarity Vx standard!
✅ Sensitivity adjustment to further improve noise and ambience reduction
✅ GUI adjustment – light/dark modes and FFT audio display

Hear Waves Clarity Vx PRO In Action Below

0:00 Intro
3:08 Should You Buy Waves Clarity Vx or Clarity Pro Plugin?
3:51 Waves Clarity Vx Features
5:35 Clarity Vx PRO Features
16:16 DEMO – Clarity Vx PRO vs. Dryer/Furnace Noise
18:25 DEMO – Clarity Vx PRO vs. Vacuum Cleaner
19:06 DEMO – How to Use the Ambience Gate Feature
20:29 DEMO – Setting Reflections Parameter Demonstration
21:34 DEMO – Extracting Ambience from Audio
22:23 Adding Waves CLA-2A to Smooth Out Extracted Ambience
22:53 Using A Limiter (Waves L2) Instead of a Compressor
23:56 DEMO – Fixing Speaker/Music Bleed into Microphone
26:59 Summary of Clarity Vx vs. Clarity Vx Pro
29:50 Don’t forget your FREE Gift! 🎁

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