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How to EQ Harsh Drum Cymbals in Metal and Rock Songs [JUST EQ]

How to EQ Harsh Drum Cymbals in Metal and Rock Songs [JUST EQ]


This blog series is part 3 of 6 that covers every aspect of removing harshness from rock and metal songs. After watching this complete deharshing series, you will learn everything you need to improve the clarity and punch of your songs.

Part 3: How to EQ Ringing Drum Cymbals for Smoother Rock and Metal Songs (JUST EQ)

Want to learn the easiest way to make your drum cymbals less harsh in your music? This video will walk you through a simple way to identify the harsh frequencies in your overheads and drum cymbals and teach you how to remove them with just a simple, stock EQ. No special drum plugins necessary! Scroll down to watch the video!

By the way, this video series will teach you everything you need to know to deharsh all elements of metal or rock songs including distorted guitars and bass, drum cymbals, drum room mics, screaming vocals, and even the master bus! So be sure to check out the other videos!

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Other Videos in the Reduce Harshness from Rock and Metal Songs Series for Smoother Rock and Metal Mixes

Part 1: Distored Guitars
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Part 2: Piercing Bass
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Part 3: Harsh Drum Cymbals

Part 4: Muddy and Ringing Drum Room Mics

Part 5: Sibilant/Harsh Screaming Vocals

Part 6: Cleaning up the Master Bus for Smoother Songs

0:00 Intro
0:50 My FREE Plugin Guide Gift for YOU🎁
1:33 The Session and Song Sample
2:08 Analyzing Frequencies and Finding Harshness in Drum Cymbals
2:18 How to Uncover and Fix Harsh Frequencies
3:10 Fix the 3K Bump!
4:23 Bringing Life Back to Drum Cymbals
6:00 Before and After EQ Cuts
7:44 Room Mic EQing Intro
8:24 Don’t Forget Your Free Gift!

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