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ALL THE SAME PLUGIN?! Submission Audio Flatline, Boz Little Clipper, Free Clip, GClip | Plugin Analysis

ALL THE SAME PLUGIN?! Submission Audio Flatline, Boz Little Clipper, Free Clip, GClip | Plugin Analysis
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4 Clipping Plugins, SAME Algorithm | Submission Audio Flatline, Boz Little Clipper, Free Clip, GClip

When testing these four clipping plugins, I DISCOVERED that they use THE EXACT SAME hard clipping ALGORITHM! And I can PROVE it.

Given the AMAZING REVIEWS for some of them, I figured it was important to SHARE THESE FINDINGS with everyone!

This video dives DEEP into clipping plugins in general, the ARTIFACTS and ALIASING they add to music, HOW to MINIMIZE HARSHNESS, and finally some PROVEN METHODS to help us decide what is ACTUALLY BEST for our MUSIC.

It’s a long one, but buckle up! The things you learn in this video help you make WAY better mixing and mastering decisions.

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So what?!? Why is 4 plugin companies with the same hard clipping code even important?

This video is important NOT because the companies use the same hard clipping algorithm, BUT because it reminds us all that we are susceptible to BIAS and MARKETING HYPE. Don’t forget, we are bound by the same laws of physics, so don’t expect a plugin to be miraculous. Be sure to TEST and EXPERIMENT and decide for yourself if the companies claims are valid! And testing and experimentation need to be done correctly to minimize our biases!

Another IMPORTANT part of the video is showing you how to test plugins yourself using free tools. This helps you OBJECTIVELY understand what is happening and will allow you to make better comparisons. Not many people know how to do these kinds of tests, but they are really easy and I give away these audio files so you can do this analysis in your own studio. Just click here!

Some CRITICISM I received from the video was that I looked at 1 setting of all these plugins (hard clipping) but there are other settings that I didn’t talk about.

This is true – I didn’t get into the soft clipping settings that some of these plugins offer. This was for a few reasons:

1. Submission audio claimed that their plugin could sound BETTER than clipping $10,000 mastering converters. This type of clipping is a HARD CLIPPING PROCESS, so I set up the experiment this way to test their hypothesis.

2. It’s extremely difficult to show different plugin settings between two companies are the same because of how the knobs and sliders are PARAMETERIZED and their RESOLUTION. So, “1 notch” on Plugin A may NEVER equal “1 notch” on Plugin B. This means that even if the plugins use the exact same algorithm, I may or may not be able to prove that. I could try to adjust the slopes while listening for a perfect null, but that wasn’t the point of the video.

3. I tried many other hard clipping plugins, and those weren’t exactly the same as these 4 companies. Maybe those other companies “messed something up” or maybe its part of their “magic”. Regardless, this suggests that MORE can be done to a hard clipping plugin to make it UNIQUE.

There has already been a movement online from this video with lots of people posting spectrograms of their plugins and several people have even discovered software bugs from major companies because of this video!


0:00 Intro
3:02 Sine Sweep Tests
5:23 Artifacts
5:50 Proving The Same Hard Clipping Algorithm
8:15 So What Does This Mean For Us?
8:25 Is It The Same For A Song?
9:10 Clipper Settings For Test
10:07 Clipper Shootout With Song
11:00 Song Null Test
12:02 Aliasing and Fixing It
13:37 Oversampling
14:03 Plugin Differences With Oversampling
16:05 Nature of Null Tests
16:50 How Do We Know Which Plugin Is The BEST?
18:02 Analyzing Artifacts With Sonic Visualizer
18:52 How To Read A Spectrogram
20:23 Spectrograms of Clipping Tests
24:00 Recap of Important Concepts


Watch The Video

See the PROOF! Learn How To Test YOUR Plugins

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If you just can’t afford AutoTune or are just frustrated by the graphical mode interface like I am, I hope this article shows you there are viable alternatives to use to get a modern vocal sound iconic in rap and pop music.

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