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How To Master Metal In a Home Studio Using Plugins [Start To Finish]

How To Master Metal In a Home Studio Using Plugins [Start To Finish]

Learn, step by step how to master metal and metalcore music in your home studio completely in the box with only plugins! Not only do you get to watch Bobby Balow from Raytown Productions master a song by Funeral Singer, but he goes DEEP into WHY he uses the plugins and HOW to dial them in just right for YOUR NEXT SONG.

Every step of the way is covered including:

✅ How to reference before mastering
✅ How to eq to improve clarity of the song
✅ Tools for reducing harshness of a metal song
✅ Saturation plugins for increasing loudness with sounding squashed
✅ How to set the final limiter
✅ Dialing in a perfect bus compressor

If any of those topics sounds interesting to you, then you MUST watch the metal mastering tutorial below!

Fabfilter Pro MB Plugin Ratio and Release

To help you more with mixing and mastering, I made a downloadable eBook just for you with ALL of my FAVORITE FREE plugins!

0:00 How To Reference Music
1:15 Identifying Problems in a Mix
3:32 Setting the Bus Compressor
8:40 How To EQ During Mastering
10:48 Adding Stereo Width Mastering Trick
12:22 Checking Mix in Mono
14:34 Setting a Linear Multiband Compressor
18:24 Adding Air Without Harshness
21:05 Using Sonnox Inflator to Increase Song Loudness
24:32 Removing Harshness With Soothe2
32:24 Revising EQ
33:36 How to Set a Mastering Limiter
37:14 Making Tweaks After Limiting
39:20 Comparing to References
41:09 What’s Better: Bright or Dark Master?
43:08 More Amazing Resources

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Band: Funeral Singer
FB: @FuneralSNGR

About The Author

Bobby Balow

I'm an audio enthusiast, entrepreneur, and owner of Raytown Productions – an online mixing, mastering, and production studio. I love challenging artists and musicians to create art that is honest and resonates with others.

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