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Mixing Modern Rap Songs In A Home Studio [STEP BY STEP]

Mixing Modern Rap Songs In A Home Studio [STEP BY STEP]


If you’ve struggled getting your rap and hip hop songs to sound modern and powerful this tutorial is for you!

So many rap mixing and mastering tutorials don’t explain WHY they use certain plugins or they they are listening for. Watch Bobby from Raytown Productions mix a modern rap/pop song from start to finish – including how to mix a tracked out beat and how to make vocals crispy and airy.

These industry secrets will work for ANY song and genre and are SO SIMPLE once you understand what to listen for.

This video will show you what plugins sound great on a rap vocal chain or which plugins work best mixing beats. Most IMPORTANTLY, learn WHY each plugin is used and HOW to use them correctly so you can get your songs sounding HUGE.

Stick around until the end, to learn some modern vocal production tricks that will make your music a banger!

Fabfilter Pro MB Plugin Ratio and Release

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0:00 Intro
0:23 What this video is about
1:17 Getting started
2:19 Mixing the Kick Drum
3:05 EQing the Kick Drum
3:28 Mixing Kick Drum with 808s
5:26 Adding Deep Bass To 808s
6:13 EQing 808s
6:56 Snare Samples
8:10 EQing Snare
8:50 Envelope Shaper on Snare for Punch
11:21 Adding Delay and Reverb to Bell for Size
13:25 Mixing High Hats
15:14 EQing High Hats For Smoothness
16:21 Mixing Instrumental Loops
16:30 Diagnosing Potential Mixing Problems
18:16 Balancing Remaining Elements of Beat
18:51 The Slate Virtual Microphone System
20:24 Using Slate Digital Virtual Microphone System
22:51 [Q] Are mic choices all about personal preferences or are some fine tuned to frequency ranges?
23:46 Making Everything Fit Together
24:24 Adding Air To Vocals
26:07 Compressing Vocals For Consistent Performance
26:44 Compressor Vocal Settings
27:38 Setting Compessor Attack To Maintain Vocal Delivery
28:22 Using a 2nd Compressor To Polish the Vocals
31:11 Adding Vocal Effects (Reverb, Delay, Phase Shift) To Make Vocals HUGE!
31:28 Adding Width
32:04 Adding Delay for Wash
33:48 Adding Reverb for Width and Space
35:44 My Crazy Delay Effect
36:35 My Vocal Production Secret With SoundToys Little Alter Boy
38:57 Listening to Vocals In Context With The Music
39:47 My Vocal MIXING SECRET – Adding Clarity to Mix by Sidechain Compressing Delays
43:18 Harmonies – Mixing
44:51 Harmonies – Adding Effects
46:04 Making Vocals More Powerful
47:19 Mixing Ad Libs and Adding Telephone Effect
48:24 Making Ad Libs Dynamic With SoundToys PanMan


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How to mix a Tracked Out Beat and Rap Vocals | Mixing a Rap Song From Start To Finish

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🔗 Waves RBass:
🔗 Waves CLA76 Compressor:
🔗 Waves CLA-2A Compressor:
🔗 Waves C6 Multiband Compressor:
🔗 Lexicon PCM90 Reverb:
🔗 SoundToys Little Alterboy:
🔗 Fabfilter Pro C2 Compressor:
🔗 Waves H-Delay:
🔗 Waves L1 Limiter:
🔗 SoundToys Microshift:
🔗 SoundToys PanMan:…


🎙Slate VMS ML-1 Microphone (Vocals on Song):
📷Canon 77d:
🎤Rode Microphone (Video):
🗜Boom Stand for Mic:
💡Ring Light:


💎 Artist: Devin Kash
🎶 Song: Lonely
🔗 IG:…
🎤 Engineered, Mixed, Mastered: Josh Holland at Green Light Studios


📹 Twitch (Watch LIVE!): @raytownproductions (…)
🔗 Facebook: @raytownproductions (…)
📷 Instagram: @raytownproductions (…)


📧 E-mail: [email protected]
💙 Website: www.raytownprodu…
⭐ Blog: www.raytownprodu…

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I'm an audio enthusiast, entrepreneur, and owner of Raytown Productions – an online mixing, mastering, and production studio. I love challenging artists and musicians to create art that is honest and resonates with others.

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