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[Start to Finish] How to Mix Pop/Reggae with Female Vocals Step-By-Step

[Start to Finish] How to Mix Pop/Reggae with Female Vocals Step-By-Step

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Can’t quite get your pop or reggae song to sound like songs on the radio?

Watch Bobby from Raytown Productions a female fronted pop/reggae song from start to finish. This video will show you step by step how to mix drums, bass, synths, guitars, and female vocals.

This video provides an hour of step by step mixing techniques, plugin settings, and strategies to get your next pop song sounding huge and powerful.

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What this video covers:

► Tricks for getting the kick and bass to both be defined and clear
Parallel compression for in your face vocals
► How to properly layer multiple vocal
Drum bus processing
► Using modulation to make vocals and synths sound huge
Importance of makingparts of the song sound small
Dealing with high track counts and lots of instruments
► Removing annoying frequencies from guitars
► How to make space for vocals

=====TIME STAMPS=====

0:44 – Bass Tone
1:45 – Drums
1:56 – Mixing Kick and Bass
3:31 – Side chaining kick to bass
5:42 – Delay timing chart
6:55 – EQ kick drum
10:29 – Snares and tambourine/shakers
11:31 – Drum loops
12:57 – Making high hat “thing” bigger
14:19 – Using Waves Trueverb to add ambiance and make things sound bigger
17:43 – Drum bus processing with delay timing chart
18:07 – Setting compressor attack and release times
20:57 – Synths
22:51 – Making organs sound bigger with Soundtoys Microshift
24:52 – Settings for widening ping pong delay
26:53 – Importance of making some parts feel small.
28:01 – How to deal with lots of elements in the mix
29:59 – EQing pads
30:59 – Mixing music with female vocalists
32:46 – Making guitars sound roomy
33:21 – Removing annoying guitar frequencies with EQ
35:37 – Controlling dynamics on bass-heavy instruments
38:04 – Balancing midrange of synths with vocals
38:41 – Trick to clearing up space for vocals
42:06 – Mixing guitars
43:29 – Mixing female vocal
43:41 – Adding air to vocals for pop sound
45:08 – Parallel compression on vocals
46:29 – Stacking vocal delays and reverbs
49:23 – Re-adjusting EQ of instrumentation to make vocals pop
52:39 – Importance of mixing elements in context of the song
56:06 – Final work to finish the track

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About The Author

Bobby Balow

I'm an audio enthusiast, entrepreneur, and owner of Raytown Productions – an online mixing, mastering, and production studio. I love challenging artists and musicians to create art that is honest and resonates with others.

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