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Hacking Waves Clarity Vx Plugin | Unlock Clarity Vx Pro Features on Clarity Vx

Hacking Waves Clarity Vx Plugin | Unlock Clarity Vx Pro Features on Clarity Vx

How to Unlock Waves Clarity Vx PRO Features with Just Clarity Vx Plugin

What’s the best and most affordable way to remove a vocal from a track and isolate the instrumental or ambience? Until now, your only option was to get Clarity Vx PRO, but I’ve discovered a workaround that allows you to do almost the same thing, but with the much more affordable plugin, Waves Clarity Vx.

Wait, What is this Waves Clarity Vx Plugin?

Waves released an incredible vocal and dialog denoising plugin that can intelligently identify a human voice in a complex audio recording. Then by turning ONE knob, it can remove everything that isn’t a human voice from the audio. It’s pretty remarkable. I have a complete review and deep dive on Waves Clarity Vx here.

How do I unlock Clarity Vx Pro Features in Clarity Vx?

By being cleaver about how we use Clarity Vx, we can set it up to cancel out the VOCALS instead of the ambience, leaving us with just the ambience (or just an instrumental for anyone trying to make a high-quality karaoke or instrumental track!).

Unlock Ambience Knob In Waves Clarity Vx - Raytown Productions Blog

Unlock Ambience Knob In Waves Clarity Vx.


Shouldn’t I just buy Clarity Vx PRO instead of using this workaround?

You absolutely can and I would recommend buying Clarity Vx PRO if you need a more powerful tool for dialog and vocal audio cleanup.

Additionally, the extra features in Clarity Vx PRO will definitely help you dial in the most transparent sound but….

Waves Clarity Vx PRO also costs almost 10X more than Waves Clarity Vx! On sale, Waves Clarity PRO sells for $249 whereas Waves Clarity Vx sells for only $29! And at that price, it’s a no brainer for how powerful it is – especially now that we have a way to remove both ambience and vocals using this cleaver trick!

The Video

This video walks you through each step to both isolate vocals from a song AND remove just the vocals, leaving you with a great sounding instrumental!

So if you need something to get you by until you can save up enough for Waves Clarity Vx Pro, this is your video!

00:00 – Start
02:28 – Songs Used in This Demonstration
02:47 – How to Unlock Vocal Removal in Clarity Vx
03:11 – Removing Vocals From a Rap Song
06:56 – Removing Vocals from a Rock Song

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