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TOP 3 Vocal Delay TRICKS for PRO Vocals (any genre)

TOP 3 Vocal Delay TRICKS for PRO Vocals (any genre)

Top 3 Vocal Delay Tricks for PRO Vocals

Do your vocals just not sit right in the mix? Are they muddy or pushed back or just don’t sound like your favorite bands and artists?

Today, I’m sharing my vocal delay secrets that I use on EVERY SINGLE SONG that I mix.

These tricks will keep your vocals up front but help GLUE them to the song.

In the video below, you will learn exactly how to set up my favorite vocal delay tricks to add space, improve clarity, and make your vocals pop! I love to use Waves H-delay for this, but after watching this video, you will be able to use ANY delay – including stock delays.

Not only do I show you every single detail for setting up your vocal delays, but I have each step timestamped so you can quickly jump to the parts you need help with.

As a gift, I’m giving away my FREE Vocal Delay Tricks PDF that you can download and reference anytime you need some inspiration for vocal delays.

00:00 – Intro
01:04 – Download My FREE Vocal Delay Guide! 🎁
02:12 – Why I Use Delay and Not Reverb
02:39 – General Strategy for Vocal Delay
03:07 – How to Set Up Aux Vocal Delay Track
03:38 – Tempo Sync Vocal Delay
04:05 – Best Practices for Setting Up Delays
04:51 – Delay Trick #1 Setup and Demo
05:34 – How to Calculate Delay Timing
08:15 – Setting the Vocal Delay Level
09:29 – EQing Vocal Delay
11:42 – Delay Trick #2 Setup and Demo
14:56 – Why Delays Need to Be Quiet
16:03 – Delay Trick #3 To Make Vocals HUGE
19:57 – Dialing in the “Crazy” Delay
20:14 – Before and After Using Delay
21:40 – Summary

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