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Why I Give Away My Mixing and Mastering Secrets

Why I Give Away My Mixing and Mastering Secrets

Ever concerned that someone will figure out your top mixing and mastering secrets, so you deliberately try to hide them and not tell anyone?

What about if someone has a problem that you know how to solve? Do you tell them or keep it a secret so they don’t compete with you?

It’s easy to logically convince ourselves that our immediate success is controlled by how successful other studios or producers are around us. We think that if someone is better than us, then we can no longer be successful and our studio or music career will suffer.

This is called having a scarcity mindset – a belief where we feel success is a limited resource.

Now what if we took the opposite approach and believe that success is an unlimited resource? A resource not defined by others around us? 

A mindset where helping others doesn’t impact our success is called an abundance mindset. This means that we define our success. No one can take it away from us. It is infinite.

Even in a saturated market, where everyone has a home studio, there is always room for people to rise to the top. Even at the highest levels. If you mix this perspective with the fact that art is completely open to interpretation, you quickly realize that no matter how much you help someone with their music, the song will always be different from YOUR style. 

I can literally show someone exactly how I mix a song and they will NEVER mix a song that sounds the way I would have mixed it. 

Remember: no one has your ears or your vision of a song. It will always be unique. That is the nature of our business. Because of this fact, we don’t run into any risk of limiting our success in the music industry simply by sharing mixing or mastering secrets.

In this short video, I share an experience I had with a “competitor” who was shocked by the idea of an abundance mindset. You will learn how having the wrong mindset can literally poison your studio and destroy your brand. Having the other can build customers that worship you.

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Help others around you and share your knowledge. If you can solve their problems or guide them along the way, DO IT! As long as it comes from an honest place, the universe will return the favor.

If you live with a scarcity mindset, I encourage you to try living with an abundance mindset – just for 2 weeks. I bet you will quickly see a positive difference in both your business and personal life.

If this article opened your mind to having a different perspective, please share it with others! This way, we can all learn from each other.

Have you ever felt threatened by your competition? Share a short story in the comments about and what you would do differently now!

About The Author

Bobby Balow

I'm an audio enthusiast, entrepreneur, and owner of Raytown Productions – an online mixing, mastering, and production studio. I love challenging artists and musicians to create art that is honest and resonates with others.

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