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How to Master EDM and Dance Music | 9 Secrets Revealed

How to Master EDM and Dance Music | 9 Secrets Revealed

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Mastering EDM and dance music is one of the most rewarding things I can think of. When you master dance music just right, you can make a room full of people get up and dance like its the last night of their lives.  

Getting this right is really tricky, but I’m sharing with you my step by step EDM mastering process so you can master songs in your studio the right way.

We will cover is how to enhance the groove of any song and what to watch out for so you bass doesn’t sound weak!

As always, I’ll show you my complete plugin chain and go over exactly how to dial in each plugin for your song. 




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► Improving transient response to make bass hit harder
► How to notch out annoying/ringing frequencies with an EQ
Sweetening the song with broad EQ moves
Adding air to a mix
► Adding artificial stereo width with spatial enhancers
► How to remove harsh top end
► How to set a compressor to add movement and glue the song together
Setting up a multi-band compressor for almost any song
► Using a delay timing chart to set attack and release of a compressor
► Adding saturation to gel track together
What to listen for when setting a limiter

Fabfilter Pro MB Plugin Ratio and Release

To help you more with mixing and mastering, I made a downloadable eBook just for you with ALL of my FAVORITE FREE plugins!

Timestamps (See Video Below)

0:20: My Job as a mastering engineer
1:00: What could be fixed with this mix
1:36: First thing to do
1:54: JST Transify to improve transient response
3:39: There are no rules in music!
4:03: Fabfilter Pro Q2 to clean up low end, clarify vocals, and ease top end
6:50: Notching out resonant and ringing bands from the guitar
9:46: Using Waves PuigTec to add air to the mix
11:16: Fabfilter Pro C2 to add movement and dial in a groove
12:32: Secret to dial in the perfect groove
14:58: Understanding stereo image
15:27: Waves Center to make stereo image wider
16:35: Adding artificial width using stereo enhancement
17:09: Subtlety is everything with stereo enhancement
19:00: Waves Maxxbass to make bass sound huge on all devices
20:47: Using Fabfilter Pro MB to squeeze and gel the song together
21:17: Why multiband compressors are so helpful for mastering
23:05: Sweetening the mix with broad EQ moves
24:14: Secret weapon to removing harsh top end – Oeksound Soothe
26:24: Don’t go overboard using Soothe!
27:10: Gelling the mix before finalizing using Waves Kramer Tape
28:55: Visiting Sonnox at NAMM
29:55: Dialing in Sonnox Inflator to add transparent volume
30:24: Limiting with Fabfilter Pro L to bring track up to volume
31:46: Dialing in the limiter
32:20: Problem with making songs too loud
33:16: Make sure to reference to original track at SAME volume
33:40: Complete mastering summary


Learn how to professionally master your EDM and Dance music songs with this step-by-step video tutorial. 

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🔗 JST – Transify:
🔗 FabFilter – Pro Q2 EQ:
🔗 Waves – PuigTec EQ:
🔗 FabFilter – Pro C2:
🔗 Waves – Center:
🔗 Waves – S1 Shuffler:
🔗 Waves – MaxxBass:
🔗 Waves – Linear Multiband Compressor:
🔗 Oeksound – Soothe:
🔗 Waves – Kramer Tape:
🔗 Sonnox – Inflator:
🔗 FabFilter – Pro L Limiter:


💎 Artist: Ailia
🔊 Song: Punchline
🔗 Spotify
🔗 YouTube

Mastered by:
Bobby Balow at Raytown Productions


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