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How to Fix an RME Interface (UFX, 800, 802, ADI) | Complete Parts List

How to Fix an RME Interface (UFX, 800, 802, ADI) | Complete Parts List

My RME Interface Is Broken 🤬

Is this happening to you? Your RME interface is making some crazy noises any time you record something and all the preamp lights are flashing green and jumping around everywhere?

That is what was happening to me. Not great when you make video content and mix and master music for a living…

I know RME is an incredible company – I’ve had my UFX for 10 years a not once ever had to think about it – which means everything worked perfectly for 10 years which is remarkable. But then one day I had this crazy machine gun sound coming out of all mic preamps…

I was short on money and did some research – most of the time this kind of thing happens because of a bad capacitor in the power supply.

While attempting to fix my RME UFX Interface, I decided to document it, step-by-step and give links to everything I used hoping it would help someone out there.

Why do capacitors go bad in RME power supplies?

Because capacitors are sensitive to heat  and power supplies are usually the hottest area of an interface. The capacitors can dry up, swell, or burst causing these issues.

To help you as much as possible, I’ve put together a full build of materials including all the capacitors I used below. There are also links to all the tools I used to fix my UFX.

I also added some helpful resources that I found when I was researching what was wrong with my UFX interface.

Was it hard to fix my RME UFX?

The fix was simple and only requires some basic soldering skills. I’m no electrician and had zero problems fixing this thing.

So if you are ready to start, all the links to everything are below. Also be sure to watch the video to see if this is something you want to attempt.

Best of luck!

Disclaimer: This is not advice and I am not responsible for anything that happens if you choose to do this repair. It’s quite likely you will void your warranty if you open up the unit. Be sure to wear safety glasses and make sure this unit is unplugged before attempting to repair anything.

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The RME UFX shares the same power supply as the other products listed below, so these parts lists should be compatible with them:

RME Fireface 800
RME Fireface 802
RME Fireface UFX
RME Octamic II
RME Octamic XTC


💥Complete Tool Set💥
All the Tools You Need: Soldering Workstation, Solder Sucker, Solder ($50):

💥Individual Tools💥
Soldering Iron ($15):
Solder Sucker + Wick ($9):
Solder ($9):
Helping Hands ($23):
Flush Cutting Pliers ($6):

Or if you don’t want to solder anything, you can try just buying a new power supply board and just connect the power cables instead:…

💥Additional resources on Repairing RME Power Supplies💥



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