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Sonimus Tuco Compressor Plugin Review (+ Discount!) | Best Settings on Rock and Metal Drums and Bass

Sonimus Tuco Compressor Plugin Review (+ Discount!) | Best Settings on Rock and Metal Drums and Bass

Is the Sonimus TuCo Compressor Plugin Worth It?

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My friends at Sonimus sent me the Tuco compressor to try out and I was BLOWN AWAY! This thing is awesome – let me explain…

I’m a self proclaimed compressor snob. I don’t like clean sounding compressors – I love compressors that have attitude, vibe, and movement.

Sonimus TuCo Compressor Plugin - Review + Best Settings for Rock

What Makes Sonimus TuCo Compressor Special?

When I first tried the TuCo Compressor, I put it on a drum bus for a rock song I was mixing. I noticed something right away – It FEELS a REAL analog compressor.

The movement that this compressor creates is incredible if you want to “wake up” rock and metal drums. I also had great results using the TuCo compressor on a bass guitar.


Special Features of the TuCo Compressor

I have to give it to the developers at Sonimus – they included EVERYTHING I would ever want on a compressor. Some of the features that I found incredibly helpful are:

  • Dry/Wet Knob: Allows you dial in just the right amount of compression while retaining the original character of whatever you are using it on. This also allows you to go really heavy handed with compression and just blend in a little to bring out the ambience of a track.
  • Drive knob: This is the first compressor I found that includes distortion on a compressor! And it sounds KILLER on a drum room bus!
  • Automatic Gain Compensation: This feature is hidden (watch the video below to see how to activate it), but I LOVE this. It helps to minimize our preference for louder audio sounding better and makes it so easy to quickly dial in this compressor.
  • Compressor and Limiting modes: The compressor mode is great for more gently controlling a track while the limiting mode lets you go WAY over the top with compression (which I LOVE to do to enhance the groove of a song).
  • Low Pass Filter on Sidechain Circuit: Allows you to tell the TuCo Compressor to “ignore” bass frequencies up to 350 Hz to reduce pumping from a bass-heavy kick drum.


What Does the Sonimus TuCo Compressor Sound Like?

Watch the video below and hear for yourself what it can do to drums and bass.

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0:00 Intro
0:30 Download my Favorite FREE plugins guide!
1:20 Sonimus Tuco Compressor Feature Overview
2:49 Hidden Features
4:17 Compressor and Limiter Modes
6:03 Hear the song before drum compression
6:49 Testing the different flavors of compression on drums
8:15 How to dial in drum compression with the Sonimus Tuco compressor
10:15 Before and after on drum bus
10:55 Tuco Compressor on Bass
12:48 Before and after on bass guitar
13:30 Sonimus compressor on drums and bass in context of full song

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